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The CEQ quality system is open to all olive oil operators, producers, packagers and distributors. An additional tool that the Consortium makes available to enhance the excellence of their products and to guide consumers towards a quality conscious choice.

The participating producers

The Consortium intends to protect and guarantee the quality of extra virgin olive oil placed on the market by promoting a “quality of the supply chain”.

The consortium is committed to several initiatives:

  1. Promote a “supply chain quality”, which starts from integrating all those professionals who work in the different stages of the production process, since quality must be guaranteed by close collaboration between producers, packagers and distributors.
  2. Spreading the culture of extra virgin olive oil, preserving and guaranteeing the quality, supporting initiatives and programs to promote research, quality improvement and correct information.
  3. Ensuring, through the adoption of a product specification and certification by a third party entity, extra virgin of high quality, complying with strict production practices and chemical-physical and organoleptic parameters, including some stricter legislative standards than the current ones and some new, not yet included in the European legislation.

List of the companies adhering to the CEQ Guarantee System: