Extra virgin olive oil undergoes a natural process of oxidation that tends slowly alter its initial characteristics. To have a flawless extra virgin oil at the moment of consumption, from an organoleptic and nutritional point of view, it is necessary to start with a very high quality product.

All stages of production need to be carried out with scrupulous attention: the olives must be cultivated in the best environmental conditions; during processing and packaging the best possible technology must be ensured; during conservation the flavour profile and stability of the oil need to be guaranteed for as long as possible.

To ensure high quality products,the consortium asks operators who adhere to their programmes to respect rigorous agricultural practices, correct physical, chemical and organoleptic parameters, to achieve standards that are stricter than those currently in force, together with other parameters not yet considered in European legislation. Operators must also undergo strict controls.

In particular, the Consortium to Guarantee Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The consortium’s quality guarantee is a result of the careful, continuous dedication to these principles.