Extra virgin olive oil.
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High quality from field to table - SHORT


New scientific findings show that extra virgin olive oil requires a lot of attention, not only in the olive cultivation stages in the field and during extraction in the oil mill, but also during storage. From the moment in which the oil is produced an irreversible process of deterioration begins, which tends to reduce its nutritional properties as well as its content in terms of aromas and flavours.

To prevent this, rules and procedures have been defined that establish, from field to fork, what must be done and what should be avoided to produce and store an extra virgin olive oil perfectly. Sector operators and consumers who intend to follow those rules will have to collaborate closely and responsibly, because only in this way will an extra virgin olive oil obtain and keep its high quality status.

That's how you can be sure that at home of at a restaurant you will enjoy an oil with excellent nutritional qualities and experience the pleasure of all the fragrances that are typically present at the time of extraction.

The soul of high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil is a comprehensive manual that gathers together over 100 indications and practices and that are conveniently summarised in a short manual of excellence.

  1. Integrated pest and weed control, to minimize the use of pesticides and herbicides
  2. Controlled grassing techniques, to limit consumption of water resources and soil erosion
  3. Rational fertilization bearing in mind the protection of groundwaterresources
  4. The use of electric forklifts to prevent the pollution and contamination of raw materials
  5. The use of inert gas technology in oil storage to slow the aging process
  6. Keeping the product in away from direct light and at controlled temperatures at all stages to reduce the rate of oxidation
  7. Shorter use-by dates, together with instructions for the consumer to ensure the correct choice and storage of the product
  8. Stringent chemical and sensory parameters to ensure higher nutritional and health giving properties
  9. The exclusive use of Italian olivevarieties
  10. A ban on the practice of refilling bottles and oil cruets in restaurants
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