The Consortium to Guarantee Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a no-profit organization, open to all olive growers, olive oil producers, bottlers and distributors.

The consortium aims to demonstrate and promote the culture of quality extra virgin olive oil quality, to do so it brings together all those in the sector who are willing to abide by production rules and procedures that are more severe than the standards required by Italian law.

The project to set up the Consortium dates back to in 2001, it was formed in order to supportthe principle of providing correct information to consumers as well as to protect and guarantee the quality of extra virgin olive oil released on the market.

There are currently 37 members throughout Italy.

The consortium brings together a wide range of individual producers and associations, together with some major national bottling companies, making availableknow-how on all aspects of the sector, thus providing the consortium with extensive,qualified expertise on the quality of olive oil products and the production process.

The constant dialogue between the different groups operating in the various stages of the production chain allows the consortium to address important issues related to product quality and education in an innovative, integrated way.